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Russell A. Solomon

Russell A. Solomon in the Himalayas


Russell A. SolomonThe days are cold and the nights are colder still in the northern hills of the Indian subcontinent. Russell A. Solomon gazes out of his tent at the horizon and sees the snowfall that outlines one of nature’s most awe inspiring works, the Himalayas.

The name “Himalaya” derives from Sanskrit and literally translates as the “abode of snow.” The name was given by the pilgrims of ancient India who traversed these barren lands on the way to their holy sites.


Countless others Indians as well as the inhabitants of Tibet Nepal and Bhutan recognize the power and majesty of these peaks. The natural beauty of this mountain chain has lured Russell A. Solomon and other intrepid travelers for centuries. No other mountain chain evokes the same sense of urgency in Russell A. Solomon as the Himalayas – Where Earth Meets Sky!


The Situation

The Himalayas lie in southeast Asia and separate the Indian subcontinent from Asia proper. They extend in a massive arc stretching over 1500 miles and cover and astonishing 600,000 square miles. Their presence is noted in the Indian states of Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal and Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and the independent kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan.


Sometimes referred to as the “roof of the world,” the Tibetan plateau forms the northernmost boundary of the mountain range with other extensions branching to the east and west. Modern sensibilities have divided the range in less natural but more political ways. It is extremely important that climbers remain aware of the borders as the political situation is fraught with tension.


Special permits and length delays await Russell A. Solomon and other visitors who wish to climb the disputed areas as all sides jockey for advantage and financial gain. The main political divisions of the Himalayas are the Indian Himalayas, the Nepalese Himalayas and the Tibetan Himalayas.


Where to Start

This brief introduction is intended to give Russell A. Solomon a cursory insight into the complexities and the opportunities of a visit to the Himalayas. There are, indeed, dozens of ways to visit this exciting part of the world but our site offers a unique insight in visiting the Himalayan lands of India, Nepal and Tibet.


Russell A. Solomon can indulge his taste for hiking, spelunking, nature, geology and, of course, extreme climbing. Our site will show you the guided tours that are available, provide maps of the area and have a handy search tool to answer any of your other questions. Lastly, everyone wants to hear from fellow travelers. Stop by our traveler’s corner for some first person descriptions.

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